Tried Stone Missionary Baptist church was organized by Rev. A. J. Thompson, and Rev. I W. Wilson.  Rev. C. C. Smith presented his Sermon to Tried Stone MBC on the second Sunday in April; 1962.In attendance on that faithful day was Mrs. Effie McGee and Mrs. Willie Mae Willoughby. At that time the church was  located in Henderson NV. Soon after this eventful day, the church added ten members, within 90 days the membership had grown to 50 people. 


In 1964 Tried Stone MBC moved from Henderson to Las Vegas, into a building on Balzar and H Street.  After approximately one year at that location Tried Stone MBC needed a larger facility, and moved to the recreation building at 500 W. Miller. The congregation grew to approximately 60 and an associate minister Rev. Herbert Clark was added to assist the Pastor with the growing needs of the congregation. 


Tried Stone MBC continued to grow and in 1972 a decision was made to buy a building. The new church building was located on Lawry Street. The congregation was in excess of 80 members. The Lawry street address was home for about two years before a fire destroyed the building. The members of Tried Stone MBC were homeless. Rev. Frank Davis and the Palestine BC opened their hearts to Tried Stone and the two churches worshiped together for more than six months. 


Under the leadership of then Pastor C. C. Smith, Tried Stone continued to grow. In March of 1975, Tried  Stone moved to the present location of 621 W. Carey, NLV NV and on November 21, 1977 Tried Stone MBC was incorporated. 


In June of 1991 Pastor C. C. Smith had a revelation from God, and he presented to Tried Stone their New Pastor, Rev. R. W. Smith.  The members of Tried Stone whole-heartedly accepted Rev. R.W.Smith as their new Pastor. 


The work of the Lord continued and the growth of Tried Stone continued. Tried Stone began to prosper and we purchased land next to the church for future expansion. 


In 1998 and 2008 our hearts were broken when the Lord called Rosie L. Smith and Pastor C. C. Smith home to be with him. The Lord had given us a vision and we were prepared to follow the Lord. 


The growth continues, the blessings of the Lord continue and the work on the new sanctuary continues.

God has shown Favor on Tried Stone MBC.


621 W Carey Avenue

North Las Vegas, NV 89030


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